Westbourne By-Election

Labour Backs Nigel 4 Westbourne

NIGEL JENNER will be the Brighton & Hove Labour candidate contesting the Westbourne by-election on December 22nd.

Nigel, 54, was chosen by local members at a party meeting last night. A born and bred Brightonian and keen Albion fan, Jenner has worked for Brighton & Hove City Council in the past and hopes to utilise his skills and knowledge, especially in children’s services, to represent Westbourne residents effectively.

Nigel is currently self-employed, working with city community and voluntary groups to help local young people, such as Brighton & Hove Albion’s Football in the Community scheme.

Passionate about young people and education, Nigel is appalled by the savage Tory-led Government cuts to young people’s services in Brighton & Hove, which have contributed to an increase in Youth Unemployment by 127% in Hove alone, over the last year.

Frustrated by how quickly the Greens have dumped their pre-election pledges, Nigel is concerned at the growing list of Green U-turns and the impact on Westbourne residents.

He is particularly concerned with Hove’s ‘school places crisis’ and will be campaigning for a new school for Hove. Nigel is also opposed to increased parking charges for Westbourne residents and local businesses, as well as Green plans to allow 750 homes to be built on green-field land in Hove’s urban fringe, when there are brown-field options available to build the same amount of housing, across the city.

Labour Candidate for Westbourne, Nigel Jenner, said:

These are tough times and local people, such as my self, are growing increasingly concerned by the broken promises of this Tory-led Government and the city’s Green Council.

Public services are being cut too far, too fast, while youth unemployment and the cost of living are rising sharply. The Tory-led Government’s policies are hurting, but they are not working.

It doesn’t help that we have an inexperienced Green Council backtracking on their pre-election pledges and not listening to local residents when it comes to our concerns such as future school places, cuts to youth services and increased parking charges.

Westbourne and the residents of Brighton & Hove deserve better. Vote Labour on December 22nd.”

Labour & Co-operative Leader, Councillor Gill Mitchell, said:

I’m extremely pleased that Nigel has been selected to lead the campaign for Labour at the Westbourne by-election. Nigel will be a great asset to our Group and will make a tremendous local representative.

Nigel’s knowledge of the council and children’s services for instance will benefit the local community. Youth unemployment in Hove is up by 127% since the start of the year and demand for school places is outstripping supply, but the Greens look set to let SureStart centres close and use portakabins for new classrooms. Westbourne deserves better.”