Labour for Brighton & Hove LGBT manifesto 2011

Brighton & Hove Labour Party’s LGBT Manifesto pledges that a Labour Council in Brighton & Hove would ensure that equality and support for the LGBT community were at the heart of its policies. Commitments include rooting out homophobia and discrimination from school to the workplace, supporting Pride and celebrating the LGBT community, backing marriage equality and supporting LGBT services.

LGBT Labour manifesto Brighton

LGBT Labour manifesto Brighton

Out and proud

Several Labour candidates for the local elections are “out and proud to stand up and campaign for the LGBT community in the city,” including James Asser in Regency Ward, Dan Chapman, Chris Cooke and Tom French in Queens Park Ward, James Hallwood in St Peter’s and North Laine and Rob Macey in Brunswick and Adelaide.

Internationally recognised

Brighton & Hove Labour Leader, Councillor Gill Mitchell, said:

“Brighton & Hove is internationally recognised for its vibrant and dynamic LGBT community. I am very proud of the work that the last Labour Government did to support the LGBT people and in Brighton & Hove we want to ensure that a Labour Council continues to deliver that support.

“This manifesto is the start of our commitment to LGBT rights. A Labour council will work with the LGBT community and LGBT groups to ensure that equality is enshrined in the Council’s work and that a Labour Council delivers the support, policies and services that are needed.

“The LGBT community can be sure that in Labour they have a friend and champion who will fight for their rights in the council and in the city.”