The name Goldsmid is derived from a Jewish financier family of the same name. Philanthropist Sir Isaac Goldsmid first created St. Anne’s Well Gardens. After his death in 1859 the Goldsmid family continued to develop the gardens and the estate around them.

For more about the Goldsmid Family there’s an interesting page at an online Jewish Encyclopedia here.

With the park as its ‘green lung’, Goldsmid is one of the most attractive and diverse places to live in Brighton & Hove.

The County Ground in Eaton Road is home to Sussex, the 2004 and 2006 County Cricket Champions, 2006 C&G Trophy winners, 2008 Pro40 champions, and the 2009 Twenty20 Champions.

Hove Station provides access to London. And the number 7 bus will take you all the way to the Marina.
Goldsmid’s one of the largest political ward in the City with three ward councillors serving it. There are 13,670 residents living here, of which 47 per cent are male and 53 per cent female.

The political boundary of Goldsmid was expanded for the 2003 local elections, to include the Clarendon area south of Hove Station plus the residential area just north of the Station.

As a result Goldsmid is not one community but several, each with its own identity.

Goldsmid has a mixed political representation with one Labour, one Green and one Tory Councillor. We work closely together for the benefit of the local community.

If you are interested in knowing more about Goldsmid – for instance its people, social and health services, even its crime rates – please take a look at this factsheet about the ward from citystats. Click the following link: Goldsmid Fact Sheet (or Right-Click and choose Save Target As to save it to your local computer as a Word document).

Visit the Goldsmid community website to keep you up to date with how Labour are helping you.