05 April 2014 - Comments Off

The Labour group on Brighton and Hove City Council proposed a successful motion at full council to ban residents from accessing payday loan websites via council computers. Councillor Chaun Wilson called on the council to block access to websites like [...]

15 March 2014 - Comments Off

South Portslade councillor and Labour’s spokesperson on the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee, Alan Robins, blogs about why allotments matter to residents, and how they contribute to our city. As an allotment holder for many years, I was delighted to see [...]

28 February 2014 - Comments Off

Councillor Chaun Wilson spoke in favour of the Labour and Co-Operative Party amendment at last nights budget council meeting – to protect funding for Pride in the city from proposed cuts by the Green Party. Thank you madam mayor I [...]

21 November 2013 - Comments Off

Small Business Saturday is a grass-roots campaign that encourages people to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities, it’s an initiative started in 2010 in the US, where last year, Small Business Saturday achieved $5.5 billion (£3.5 billion [...]

03 September 2013 - Comments Off

Brighton and Hove Green Party are considering a policy which could lead to the tripling of some council tax payers’ bills. The plan would involve residents, mostly in the Council Tax bands D, E, F, G and H paying three [...]

02 September 2013 - Comments Off

Just over two years ago I met some young bloggers from Syria at an event to discuss media, globalisation and human rights. I asked how long they thought it might take to win the changes they hoped for and how [...]

01 September 2013 - Comments Off

It has been a lovely first month after winning the election in Hanover and Elm Grove. And, I have tried to keep the campaign energy going as I get to grips with being your Councillor. 11 July – Election night! Emma [...]

08 August 2013 - Comments Off

Simon Kirby, one of Brighton & Hove’s two Conservative MPs claims that 60% of his constituents support the Bedroom Tax, where hundreds of tenants are seeing their housing support cut by a quarter, many of them in my ward of [...]

05 June 2013 - Comments Off

So, its happened, I have been selected as a candidate for our local council by-election. The area is Hanover and Elm Grove in Brighton. I live just across the road from the ward and my little girl is in reception [...]

02 June 2013 - Comments Off

On 23 May we held the second meeting of the Women’s Forum. There were two main topics of discussion – the impact of austerity on local women and their families and a proposal to support a walk for women’s rights. [...]