Brighton passions

As well as Labour’s direct achievements for Brighton & Hove, we know that many local people are passionate about other issues on which Labour has delivered significant achievements.

  • Fighting global poverty – The last Labour government took a lead on the fight against global poverty, doing more than any government before to tackle it, and pushing the international community to do more. Labour created the Department for International Development, headed by a Cabinet Minister, with a focus on eliminating world poverty. By 2010 Labour had more than doubled the UK’s international aid contribution on 1997 levels, and UK aid alone now lifts an estimated 3 million people out of poverty every year. On top of this Labour cancelled up to 100% of debt owed by the world’s poorest countries, and pledged to make it law that at least 0.7% of national income should be spent on eliminating poverty.

  • Animal welfare – In government Labour drove forward major reforms to improve animal welfare. Achievements included making owners legally responsible for the welfare of their pets, banning the hunting of foxes and other wild animals, and securing an EU-wide agreement to ban battery cages by 2012. Labour also banned fur farming, the trade of seal products, and the use of animals in testing for cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol and weapons research. Across the board Labour introduced higher standards of animal welfare including greater protections for livestock and marine life.

  • Strengthening rights and democracy – The last Labour government led major constitutional reforms in the UK to strengthen rights and democracy. Among its key legacies Labour introduced the Freedom of Information Act, which allows for greater transparency and scrutiny of local and national government. It also introduced devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and House of Lords reform. Whilst the introduction of the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act have embedded rights and liberties into UK law.