Brighton & Hove Labour Manifesto 2011

Labour’s Plan for a “Successful and Fairer” Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove Labour have launched its manifesto for the upcoming local elections.

The manifesto highlights the need to get Brighton & Hove “thriving again,” attracting more investment and developing stronger communities. Labour will work to reduce the gap between rich and poor in Brighton & Hove, as well as calling for a more co-operative city, in which the council works closely with other public services, trade unions and the voluntary sector.

The manifesto attacks the Tory’s four-year reign in the city as a failure and slams them for wasting local taxpayers’ money on consultants, marketing and communications, glossy publications and sham consultations.

Brighton & Hove Labour Manifesto

Brighton & Hove Labour Manifesto

Labour also proposes to bring back popular ‘Grime Fighter’ days, which saw co-ordinated clampdowns against crime and grime in local neighbourhoods. A smart-card for residents to access cultural and sports events in the city at a reduced price, or for free, is also amongst Labour pledges.

Brighton & Hove Labour Leader, Councillor Gill Mitchell, said:

“This is a Labour manifesto for a successful and fairer Brighton & Hove. These are tough economic times, but we are optimistic that we have both the ideas and the experience to make Brighton & Hove a better place to live.

“Today we have a Conservative Council in Brighton & Hove and a Conservative led Government in Westminster. We are facing the harshest cuts in a generation. Brighton & Hove needs a strong, fair-minded Council to challenge these savage national cuts.”