New generation

Ed Miliband was elected Labour leader in September, 2010, pledging to restore trust in the Labour party.

In his acceptance speech, Ed said “a new generation has taken charge of Labour. It’s a new generation that understands the need for change—in our party and in our country.” Ed added in his first leader’s speech three days later that Labour under his leadership will be devoted to making Britain “more prosperous, more equal, more fair and just”.

Ed’s vision for the future is based on his values—values of family, fairness, community and decency at work. Ed has said many times that he learned these values from his parents during childhood; having both fled the Nazis during the second world war, they taught their son “never to walk by on the other side”.

Labour’s youngest ever leader upon his election, Ed was born in North London in 1969 and attended his local comprehensive school, Haverstock. He went to primary school for a time in Leeds, which is when he became a Leeds United fan. Ed’s childhood heroes included Alex Higgins and Geoffrey Boycott. He saw Boycott complete his one hundredth century at Headingly in 1977. Ed’s encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston Red Sox developed early—when he lived in the States as a child while his dad was working there.

Ed graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and obtained a Masters degree from the London School of Economics.

Before entering parliament, Ed worked briefly as a journalist and later with Gordon Brown and the Labour government. Elected to represent Doncaster North in 2005, he served in the Labour government from 2007 to 2008 as Minister for the Cabinet Office and as Secretary of State for Climate Change between 2008 and 2010. Ed has stressed that tackling climate change is a central task for Britain and the world, and an issue that will be at the heart of his leadership of the Labour Party now and in the future. As Climate Change Secretary, Ed led the British delegation to the Copenhagen summit and worked to ensure that a global agreement was established.

As Labour leader, Ed has pledged to bring a new type of politics to Britain. He will oppose the coalition government where it is doing the wrong thing for Britain, but will support it when it is acting in the country’s best interests. Ed’s priority is to take Labour back to power so that the party can serve Britain again—and create a fairer, more just society.

Ed lives in his Doncaster constituency and in North London, close to where he grew up, with his partner Justine with their two sons, Daniel and Sam. Daniel was born in May 2009 and their second son, Samuel (Sam) was born on 7th November 2010 at University College Hospital, close to Ed and Justine’s home.

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MP for Doncaster North, 2005 – present
Leader of the Opposition, 2010 – present
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, 2010
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, 2008 – 2010
Minister for the Cabinet Office, 2007 – 2008


Ed’s partner is Justine Thornton, an environmental lawyer
Ed and Justine have two sons, Daniel and Sam. Daniel was born in May 2009 and their second son, Samuel (Sam) was born on 7th November 2010


Ed’s favourite TV shows are Dallas and Desperate Housewives