News — 18 September 2012

Councillor Gill Mitchell, Leader of the Labour and Cooperative group responds to the news that the Green group of Councillors have expelled Councillor Christina Summers from their group.

“With the news that Christina Summers has been expelled by her former colleagues for sticking to her Christian principles, I have immediately written to the council’s Acting Chief Executive to clarify whether the Greens will now lose their casting vote on four of the seven main council committees, including the powerful Policy & Resources Committee.

 Labour is very concerned about the conduct of the Green Administration.  As a responsible Opposition we felt that it was right to give them the opportunity to run the council but a series of events has now proved that they are not capable.

 Their budget cuts strategy is proving incompatible with protecting essential services and some savings identified, particularly parking fee increases, have damaged the city’s reputation. Meanwhile talented staff continue to leave the council and there is a lack of political leadership.

 Labour will not side with either of the other two parties on the council.  Our sole aim is to protect services for city residents from the Government’s cuts programme and the Green Party’s misguided priorities that spend extra on their own pet Green projects while cutting the very basic services relied on by the majority.

 If there are Councillors who prefer this more sensible approach then they should work with us.”



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