News — 06 July 2012

Labour Co-Operative Group on Brighton and Hove City Council have welcomed the decision by The Green Party to bring back some of the bus services they axed.

Earlier this week, Labour and Cooperative Councillors Gill Mitchell and Alan Robins held a meeting with the bus operator in order to discuss the bringing back of axed bus services.

The deal that was struck meant the bus operator would bring back and pay to run services 22/24/27 and 21 leaving the council to fund services 96/74/75/52 and 81, however, today the leader of the council has said he will only agree to the revival of services 74 and 96.

Councillor Mitchell said:
“The continuation of the school bus services is a victory for common sense and we heartily welcome it but this simply does not go far enough.  Our recent meeting with the local bus operator ended with an offer from them to continue to run the majority of the threatened services and I immediately called on Cllr Kitcat to fund the remainder that included the school services and number 52 and 81 services.

The number 52 is the only bus serving Ovingdean that goes straight to the city centre.  For Cllr Kitcat to say that he will not fund it as he wants to stop it from entering North Street makes no sense.  A low emission bus running one an hour will be less polluting than Ovingdean residents taking to their cars.”

Cllr Alan Robins, the Labour and Cooperative group’s transport spokesperson said:
“Worried parents across the city will today breathe a sigh of relief at this decision, and will now sleep better knowing that their children will be transported to school safely, however, the bus company’s offer to the council was a fair one and would have seen all axed services revived. It is therefore disappointing that the Greens have decided not to go ahead with this deal, instead opting to do the bare minimum”


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