News — 28 June 2012
Save Our Bus Services

Save Our Bus Services

“Don’t cut Coldean off” call from parents

In 45 minutes this afternoon (27th June) nearly 60 parents of children attending Coldean Primary School signed the Labour and Co-operative Party petition against the Green’s proposed cuts to the 24, 26 and 74/75 bus routes – all of which serve Coldean.

Local Labour and Co-op Party Councillor Jeane Lepper, who collected the signatures while speaking to parents outside the school, said, “If these cuts to the 26/24 buses go ahead  it will mean that between September and May Coldean will have only one bus an hour linking it to the City centre on Sunday evenings.

“Many parents who have children already at Patcham High School or  whose  younger children are likely to go there were shocked to hear that another cut will be the 74/75 school bus which takes youngsters from Coldean and other parts of the Lewes Road area to Patcham High School. How are these children expected to get safely to school on time without the bus? And what will axing this service mean for the numbers of parents opting to send their children to Patcham High in the future ?

“People in other parts of the Ward I represent, living on Ditchling Road and the in Fiveways area, will also be hit by the cut to the 26 bus route from autumn to spring on Sunday evenings.

“What all this shows once again is the hypocrisy of the Green Party who claim they don’t want people to use their cars while at the same time making it harder for them to take the bus.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Green Party simply don’t care about people living away from the City centre in the suburbs and on the estates of Brighton and Hove.”

You can sign our petition to Save Our Bus Services here.



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  1. I am concerned about the continual bad 81′s bus service that is always causing passengers to wait a lot longer than stated on timetables etc.and also making elderly people feel that it is not worth going out because of delays.Apparently this particular service is funded by local council and the bus company can not make profit as majority of passengers use bus passes which basically they should be entitled too especially with the vast amount of council tax having to be paid and no service provided,plus a lot more money could go towards more essential things instead of sheer waste on things like the big wheel on seafront and the plan for more waste on the brighton eye. This so called city has literally gone down the pan in more ways than one.