News — 15 June 2012

Yesterdays first Policy and Resources Committee saw the Green Party make a decision so absurd that you have to look twice to make sure it is real.

As part of a review into bus services in the city, the administration is looking to cut several routes from the timetable. Cutting these services will dramatically affect the lives of residents across the city, from children getting to school to relatives visiting sick family members in hospital.

We all know that the Tory led government are making huge cuts to budgets across the country, and councils are being told to live within their means. This is having a detrimental effect to how Local Authorities operate and means that services are being cut, as they are here in Brighton and Hove, despite the Greens in opposition promising to “resist all cuts”.

However, what is absolutely incredible is that the Green Party have decided to go ahead with new additional Green projects such as ‘one planet living’, where they have decided to invest a quarter of a million pounds in what they themselves describe as ‘detecting leaks’.

That is why at yesterdays meeting, we put forward an amendment that took the £250,000 from the One Planet Living project and diverted it to support our children being able to get to school safely. Most people would say that this is a very reasonable thing to do, and the parents, teachers and pupils who protested outside the town hall yesterday would agree with us. But unfortunately the Greens decided that they wanted to keep the £250,000 to detect leaks and instead scrap the bus service that would ensure children get to school safely.

This is a ludicrous decision that makes no sense at all. But we urge parents not to despair, continue to lobby the council, sign our petition and join us at the next council meeting on the 19th of July when we will try once again to get this silly decision overturned, and do what is right for the people of Brighton and Hove.

Please sign the petition below, and don’t forget to ask your relatives and friends to sign too.


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