News — 20 February 2012

The Labour and Co-operative Group on Brighton and Hove city council will table an amendment at this Thursday’s budget council meeting, which will stop the huge increase in allotment fees that have been proposed by the Greens going ahead.

The Greens have proposed to raise allotment fees by a huge amount which will effectively price people out of having an allotment during these tough economic times. It will also cause significant harm in the efforts to grow more food locally.

The Labour and Cooperative group are proposing that the Greens scrap their intention to raise allotment fees by as much as 68% over the next two years, and instead make a small rise of £2 per year for a small plot and £4 per year for a larger plot. The Labour and Cooperative group would use money from the vast amount of parking revenues that the council rakes in every year to help people grow their own food, giving them independence and the choice of a healthy lifestyle.

Cllr Gill Mitchell, leader of the Labour and Cooperative group said:
“We have received a vast amount of correspondence on this issue from concerned allotment holders, and have taken decisive action to act, in order to soften the blow of these fee rises”

“We hope that the Greens and Conservatives will back our amendment at this Thursday’s budget meeting, in order to help those trying to help themselves in these tough times”

Labour and Cooperative Cllr for South Portslade, Alan Robins who has spoken at length to concerned allotment growers about this issue said:
I am delighted that we are in a position to help allotment holders by keeping fees at a reasonable rate and I urge Green and Tory Cllr’s to vote for our amendment this Thursday

The Greens initial proposals were to raise allotment fees were:

  • Small plot from £33 to £55.40 they then amended this to £44.20
  • Large plot from £66 to £110.80 then amended this to £88.40
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