News — 21 October 2011

AT A BRIGHTON & HOVE CITY COUNCIL MEETING, Labour & Co-operative Councillor Anne Pissaridou demanded a new primary school for Hove to ease the demand for school places in the area.

The Wish ward councillor accused the previous Tory administration of using sticky plaster solutions which have seen schools expanded to breaking point, while the Greens were charged with having no policy to meet the increasing demand for primary places, which in a few years time will outstrip supply.

Rather than simply erecting portakabins to be used as new classrooms, as the Greens are doing, Cllr Pissaridou proposed a new not-for-profit Co-operative Academy Trust primary school for Hove.

Labour & Co-operative Wish Ward Councillor, Anne Pissaridou, said:

“We have a school places crisis in Hove with demand increasingly outstripping supply. The Tories knew this throughout their time in power but all they did was employ short term sticky plaster solutions- expanding schools to breaking point, rather than planning for the new school Hove so desperately needs.

“The Greens seem devoid of any realistic policy- aside from erecting new portakabins at existing schools in an attempt to meet the rising demand for places.

“With our proposals for a new not-for-profit Co-operative Academy primary school, we are putting the future of our city’s children and families first.”


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